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Emerging Trends Of Food Grade Chemical

Posted by Admin on March, 04, 2021

Chemical substances can play a vital role in food production and preservation. A food grade chemical is an additive that is safe for consumption. These days Food grade chemicals can do much more and are used in household and personal-care products, too.

Food grade chemicals are being used massively to prolong the shelf life of food and to add colours to the dishes so as to make food more attractive and flavourings are used to make food tastier. Beyond taste and preservation, high-quality food-grade chemicals can alter the texture, color, viscosity and any number of other attributes. Thickeners, sweeteners, emulsifiers and food coloring are just a few of these food grade chemicals.

The influence of food grade chemicals lies in its ability to counter the effects of decomposition and spoilage and extend the shelf life of foods. Some of the additives are sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, copper sulphate powder, Boric acid powder, solid paraffin wax, Monosodium Glutamate, calcium alginate etc. One of the most popular food grade chemicals is Citric acid as it is found in most of the non alcoholic beverages and foods. It is used to give a sour flavor to the products and has become extremely famous throughout the food & beverage industry.

The addition of these chemicals to food and beverages in an appropriate manner and quantity, makes the products very desirable among consumers. But the addition of such chemicals comes with both pros and cons based on their application which may directly or indirectly be proven harmful for humans. Therefore, it is advisory to add only those chemicals which are suitable for human consumption and are thoroughly checked, tested and certified by the regulating authorities.

Many modern products, such as low-calorie snacks and ready-to-eat convenience foods packets would not be possible without the use of food chemicals. The market for the food grade chemical is expected to grow as a cascading effect from the increasing demand for packaged food products. There are a number of food grade chemical manufacturers in India that capture a vast market, as people these days are considered as big food freaks.

Food grade chemical manufacturers should take due care of the following relevant aspects-

-They should adopt good manufacturing practices which are least harmful to the environment.

-They should have a separate knowledgeable department for research & development to identify the changing needs of the market as per the international standards.

-They should have maintained a separate warehouse that is installed with various hi-tech machines to store our products in the safest manner.

-They should have established a quality control lab, wherein our quality auditors conduct various tests at each step of production before dispatching it.

-They should have the ability to deliver bulk orders with the prescribed time period.

-They should offer the finest quality food grade chemicals at marketing leading prices.

Hence, we can conclude that with the increased processing of foods in the recent years, there came a need for both the greater use of and new types of food chemicals.

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