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Top Chemicals Used In Textile Industry

Posted by Admin on September, 16, 2020

Chemicals play an important role in textile industry. Using chemicals is an important aspect of dying clothes, as it can make color brighter. Chemicals also make fade out the color from the fabric. So, when you see a fabric with enchanting color you should know it all about the game of chemical. The fabric has a wide use ranging from clothes to home d├ęcor. And in every step people look for different color to add hue to their lives. The article is going to reflect on Textile Chemicals.

Different Types of Chemicals

Textile industries use enzyme for hydrolysis the cellulose. It works on the yarn portion by hydrolyzing the inner part of the fabric. Enzyme helps to create a faded effect on the fabric.

Textile industry uses detergent to treat the fibers. It has a wide use in pre and post treatment. Apart from that detergent has a common usage and that is to clear impurities from the fabric.

Acetic Acid
Acetic acid helps in neutralization to reduce the alkali.

Staining is an issue that textile industry deals with; and the solution is Antistain. Using the chemical prevents staining and also improves the brightness of the fabric.

Bleaching Powder
It is an oxidizing agent and that is the reason the textile experts use this to get different shade of same color.

Sodium Hyposulphite
While bleaching helps is getting shades, it is also harsh for fabric. This chemical helps to neutralize chlorine bleach.

Caustic Soda
It is also used to bring a faded effect on the fabric especially it gives a vintage look to the fabric.

Soda Ash
Textile industry uses the chemical to create an alkaline medium that breaks down the pigment. To get a uniform bleaching soda ash is necessary to fix the color of the fabric.

Sodium Bicarbonate
The chemical is used mostly to bring denim like shade. The chemical makes the process easier and that reduce cost of production.

Potassium Permanganate
To get an acid wash on the fabric Potassium Permanganate is used. It gives whitish effect on the garment.

Flax Softener
Textile industry use the softener to bring soft effect on the cloth as the chemical has lubricant property.

Micro Emulsion Silicon
It is essential to make the fabric durable with ample softness. To bring that Amino Silicon is widely used by the textile industry. It increases the resistance so it is easy to cut and sew the fabric.

Sodium Chloride
It helps to exhaust dye of the fabric.

While the textile maker is using so many of chemicals on the fabric it is also vital to maintain the pH. Buffer helps to maintain the pH balance.

Hydrogen Peroxide
It helps in bleach wash in the alkaline medium. It helps to give a fading effect on the fabric. It also helps in neutralization in the alkaline medium.

Stabilizer protects the hydrogen peroxide so that it can work on fabric.

So, these are the chemical that a textile industry uses. The chemicals are available at Textile Chemicals Manufacturer in Faridabad.

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